Promotion self-promotion

April 5, 2007

So I’ve got a spiffy new title over at Comic World News. I’m now the “Manga Editor” for the site, though I haven’t yet figured out precisely how I’m going to abuse the awesome power of that position.

But, it seems as good a time as any to remind any publishers out there that press releases, tantalizing gossip and scathing appraisals of my priorities are always welcome and can be forwarded to DavidPWelsh at Yahoo dot Com.

Not dead yet

April 5, 2007

The invaluable ComiPress has more details on the suspension of Monthly Shonen Jump (MSJ), via a translated letter from the publisher that was included in the latest issue of that anthology. People worried about the fate of some of the series featured in MSJ (particularly Claymore, currently being released in English by Viz) should be able to rest easier:

“As of this writing, several works currently serialized in Monthly Jump are already going to be carried over to the new magazine.

“As for Claymore, the anime adaptation of which just began airing, the manga will temporarily be serialized monthly on Weekly Shonen Jump, and later be taken over the new magazine.”

So the series with an anime tie-in isn’t going to miss a beat, and the more popular stuff from MSJ will likely be repackaged in the new magazine. Maybe the venerable MSJ was triggering unpleasant parental nostalgia? Moms and dads looking over the shoulders of the current generation of readers and wistfully noting how much they loved MSJ when they were kids?

Whatever the reason, it looks like the story isn’t quite as big as it initially seemed. It’s interesting, though, and I’ll be curious to hear details about the new anthology.