Round-up round-up

Aside from being mildly amused by the double standard inherent in the anatomically induced panic, I don’t really care that much about the brouhaha over that Alex Ross cover for JSA. (I’ve always found Ross’s figures to be a little cadaverous, to be honest, no matter what parts are protruding.)

But I have to lend my support to Blog@Newsarama’s Kevin Melrose and “The Great Junk Outcry of 2007.” In addition to offering a fine and succinct round-up of the discussion thus far, I can almost hear the tense Casio strains of the theme song, though I’ll refrain from speculating about possible accompanying graphics.

In more seemly discussion, Brigid Alverson offers a terrific round-up of early reaction to the Eisner nominations over at MangaBlog. And she does so in her 1,000th post! Congratulations!

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