Recommended shôjo reading

Thanks to everyone who offered some shôjo recommendations in response to a previous post. For my own convenience and future reference, I thought I would put together a list of titles mentioned in the comments thread. I’ve listed them alphabetically by number of recommendations they received.

Three recommendations:

  • Ouran High School Host Club (Viz – Shojo Beat)
  • Wallflower, The (Del Rey)
  • Two recommendations:

  • Bring It On! (Ice Kunion)
  • Sensual Phrase (Viz)
  • Tenshi Ja Nai!! (Go! Comi)
  • One recommendation:

  • Antique Gift Shop (Ice Kunion)
  • Azumanga Daioh (ADV) – originally published in a seinen magazine
  • Basara (Viz)
  • Cain Saga, The (Viz – Shojo Beat)
  • Can’t Lose You (Netcomics)
  • Doubt!! (Viz)
  • Gals! (CMX)
  • Godchild (Viz – Shojo Beat)
  • Hissing (Ice Kunion)
  • School Rumble (Del Rey) – originally published in a shônen magazine
  • Skip Beat! (Viz – Shojo Beat)
  • Strawberry Marshmallow (Tokyopop) – originally published in a seinen magazine
  • Sugar Sugar Rune (Del Rey)
  • Tail of the Moon (Viz – Shojo Beat)
  • Time Guardian (CMX)
  • Tramps Like Us (Tokyopop) – originally published in a josei magazine
  • Witch Class (Infinity Studios)
  • W Juliet (Viz) – 1
  • You’re So Cool (Ice Kunion)
  • Previews:

  • Little Queen (Tokyopop)
  • My Heavenly Hockey Club (Del Rey)
  • Yurara (Viz – Shojo Beat)
  • Scanlations:

  • Koukou Debut (Margaret Comics)
  • 8 Responses to Recommended shôjo reading

    1. Huff says:

      “School Rumble (Del Rey)”
      That actually isn’t shojo at all (I think it runs in Shonen Magazine?), but its a pretty decent comedy that a lot of people seem to absolutely love. Same with Azumanga.

    2. Andre says:

      FYI- Konkou Debut has been licensed by VIZ, so we’ll be seeing that sometime soonish

      Witch Class and Little Queen are treasures of dark comedy, something shojo needs more of.

    3. davidpwelsh says:

      Huff: Yeah, I was kind of lazy with the tag, but all of the books, shôjo or otherwise, seemed to fit the spirit of the thing, so…

      Andre: After I saw that it was a Shueisha series, I was wondering if they would. Thanks for the heads-up!

    4. Huff says:

      Sweet. The whole thing is just a brilliant, tongue-in-cheek take on the high school romance genre. Great art to (which is actually what attracted me to it since I’m not exactly up to date on shojo scanslations).

    5. […] David Welsh has compiled a list of the shoujo-manga recommendations he’s received over the past few days. […]

    6. Azumanga and Strawberry Marshmellow are not shoujo either. They’re both moé seinen series serialized in Dengeki Daioh.

    7. oh, I just read up on David’s comments… “the spirit of the things…,” which would be…? I find it very difficult to read moé series no matter what, and even more difficult to relate them with shoujo.

      I like a lot of seinen series, but I’ve sticked to shoujo for most of my life for a reason (and not only because the Japanese labelled them as such), but because I can usually relate to the psychology of the character. It’s not as important now that I’m older, but it seemed special when I was younger, that there were characters I could relate to.

    8. davidpwelsh says:

      I was thinking in terms of “wacky and antic” with the initial recommendation request, and most of them seemed to fit that bill, though obviously not all. Ultimately, I just wanted to compile the recommendations that people had taken the time to make, though I recognized that not all of them were perfect fits with what I’d requested.

      But I’m glad you and Huff took the time to point out the discrepancies, and I’ll just throw in that Tramps Like Us is josei. (What about Sensual Phrase? I’ve seen it categorized as both shojo and josei.)

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