You can’t please everyone… EVER

April 30, 2007

It seems that not everybody’s happy with the proposed resolution to the complaints over graphic novels in the Davis Library in the Wanganui, New Zealand (which was to move the teen section away from the holdings for children). Guess who?

Yup, concerned mother and part-time teacher Julie Gordon has expressed her discontent to the Wanganui Chronicle:

“‘I’m not happy with this outcome. If library staff want to supply that sort of book for their children then let them go and it buy it at a book store. But I don’t see why we have to have it in our library,’ she said.”

Quotes from local officials suggest that Mrs. Gordon isn’t much for process. After being told the appropriate method for questioning library holdings, she… went to the newspaper instead. As one does.

Head count

April 30, 2007

In this week’s Flipped, I take a look at one new series I liked primarily because of the art, and one that I liked kind of in spite of the art. Both series are from Del Rey, both have titles that start with the letter “p”, and both feature a strangely satisfyingly high body count.

Because a day just isn’t long enough

April 30, 2007

Dave Carter has kicked off his third annual Free Comic Book Month at Yet Another Comics Blog:

“That’s right, free comics! Each day of May I’ll pick someone to receive a free comic, taken from my personal collection: duplicates, things I have in trades, and other stuff. My goal is to match up people with a comic that they haven’t read but that they may like. My tastes are wide and varied, so chances are I’ve got a comic for you.”

It’s easy to enter and fun to read Dave’s announcements of who’s receiving what and why.