The next big things

May 10, 2007

Brigid’s look at the latest chart-topping manga triggers some interesting discussion. MangaCast and Manga Recon’s Erin F. suggests that, while vampires certainly aren’t driving anyone away from Millennium Snow, it’s creator Bisco Hatori’s reputation for Ouran High School Host Club that’s doing more to feed Millennium’s success.

I’m always interested to see a new “name manga-ka” emerge. Clearly, several someones believe that Chika Shiomi will join the ranks of creators who might be able to move a title at least partly on reputation, what with Go! Comi, CMX and Viz adding her work to their rosters. Last year, You Higuri seemed to be the manga-ka everyone wanted to license.

Maybe it’s because series targeted at women tend to be shorter and there are consequently more available to license, but most of the name manga-ka I can think of are women: the CLAMP collective, Ai Yazawa, Yuu Watase, Fumi Yoshinaga, Moyoco Anno, among others.

Who are your no-question manga-ka, the ones whose work you’ll buy no matter the genre or subject matter?

Fabulous prizes

May 10, 2007

ComiPress lists the winners of the 11th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Awards. One of them is Magnificent 49er Ryoko Yamagishi, who received the Grand Prize for Maihime Terepushikoora.

There’s depressingly little web-based information available on this group of influential manga-ka, but Yamagishi’s brief bio on Wikipedia still manages to whet my appetite, with titles like Tut-ankh-amen, Isis and Sphinx. I’m always up for fictionalizations of Ancient Egypt, if those titles do in fact tread that territory. (One never knows how tenuous the connection will be between title and content.)

In other awards news, MangaCast’s Ed Chavez takes a thorough look at this year’s winners of the 31st Kodansha Manga Awards and contemplates their licensing likelihood, providing a handy list of past licensed winners. (Kitchen Princess won last year? Seriously? I thought the first volume was really mediocre, but I thought that about the first volume of Fruits Basket too, so maybe I should give the series a second look.)