Women cleaning refrigerators

This collectible… object almost leaves me speechless. It gives me horrible visions of an entire line of anatomically deformed girlfriends and wives of super-heroes cheerfully completing routine household tasks. Sue Richards washing the Fantasticar… Lois Lane mopping the Fortress of Solitude…

(Found via kadymae.)

11 Responses to Women cleaning refrigerators

  1. John Jakala says:

    Now you’re just trying to turn me on.

    (Actually, my first thought was of Sgt. Frog and how the entire Hinata family is shown cleaning the house nearly every issue. I’m guessing there’s probably been some T&A featuring Aki and a duster, but my mind is blocking it out. (And now I’m imaging the PVC characters that are probably available in Japan. [shudder]))

  2. davidpwelsh says:

    The vacuum cleaner seems so innocent, but it really is the fanservice provider’s best friend.

  3. Huff says:

    Haha, does she have a crooked eye? It might have been a pretty fun T&A statue if they hadn’t tried to make her look as porn-tastic as possible…

  4. davidpwelsh says:

    It could be sort of cool if it had an ironic, retro vibe… sort of a Darwyn Cooke/Paul Dini/Cameron Stewart kind of feel.

    But seriously, what’s going on with her abdomen? It’s like they stole her midsection from an Aeon Flux episode.

  5. gynocrat says:

    I saw that and immediately thought of that nauseating Witchblade Takaru figure –

    It must be the leaning over and ‘asking for it’ stance.

  6. Huff says:

    “It could be sort of cool if it had an ironic, retro vibe… sort of a Darwyn Cooke/Paul Dini/Cameron Stewart kind of feel.”

    That’s exactly what I was thinking of, like those goofy but sexy posters they had in the 50’s. Cooke would be a good choice, as he really can draw his women. But the more I look at it the less attractive it is (especially with that Aeon Flux comparison…eugh). And are there any women out there who would wear pearls with ripped jeans and whale-tale?

  7. davidpwelsh says:

    In fairness, Witchblade could also be washing a Thunderbird on a lonely stretch of road outside of a southern prison. But yeah… ick.

  8. ChunHyang72 says:

    I think some of the responses to that LiveJournal posting were as–if not more–ridiculous than the statue itself. My favorite was from the alleged Women’s Studies professor who angrily chided everyone for not devoting their outrage to more important feminist causes. Because, y’know, the hypersexualization of women for popular consumption is OK, it’s everywhere, and hey, it’s worse in Japan! Yikes. Makes me wonder if he/she was teaching at DCU.

  9. davidpwelsh says:

    Now you’ve got me trying to imagine what might transpire at a Marvel or DC employee seminar on Sensitivity to Issues of Diversity. Before I get too far, it always ends up being cut short for the subsequent brainstorming session on Underrepresented Characters Available for Death to Boost Narrative Weight.

  10. davidpwelsh says:

    Oh, and that Women’s Studies professor came back, after being banned, for suggesting that everyone else in the thread was upset because… wait for it… they were all probably ugly and pre-menstrual. I don’t think he’ll be submitting those comments to his faculty productivity report!

  11. Robin B says:

    Hey all!

    Just to chime in — I don’t know if you saw this spoof of the same statue, but I thought it was brilliant — and kind of made all my points for me about what I thought of said object. When I first saw it, I immediately thought of the more ridiculous anime/manga statuettes, and reacted in a kind of analytical, “Huh, I guess that’s happening here now. Interesting.”

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