Bake day

May 13, 2007

I don’t usually get inspired to cook by Giada De Laurentiis’s dessert recipes. She’s too fond of combining chocolate and orange for my tastes, and I’m not keen on mascarpone or amaretti cookies. But I had to try these almond blueberry cookies, and they’re good to the point of evil.

I went with dried blueberries instead of fresh or thawed frozen ones. It’s a stiff batter, so I’m glad I did, because I’m not a patient or gentle folder. Softer blueberries would have been mush. I used skim instead of whole milk, and vanilla instead of almond extract. I also found that they didn’t need as much cooking time as the recipe suggests. I would start checking them at around ten minutes, particularly if you’re using a convection oven.

And hey, blueberries and almonds are nutritionally packed, so they must surely overcome butter and sugar.