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I’m just not feeling the ComicList love this week. Maybe it’s because I’m in the midst of minor home improvement chaos and the thought of bringing new items across the threshold is kind of terrifying.

The clear highlight is a book I already own in hardcover, but it’s still exciting to see a paperback version of Joann Sfar’s The Rabbi’s Cat be released by Random House’s Pantheon imprint. This is one of my favorite works by Sfar, and it makes for lovely companion reading with Klezmer (First Second), if you liked that. Dare I hope that this means that another collection of The Rabbi’s Cat will be coming from Pantheon soon?

And hey, since I’m already in the wayback machine, I’ll take the opportunity of a lean week to mention some underappreciated books that you might want to check out if you’re hard-pressed to pull together a respectable shopping list on Wednesday:

  • 12 Days, by June Kim (Tokyopop): Kim is currently nominated for a 2007 Lulu Award in the Best New Female Talent category, and it’s easy to see why. The book is an absorbing, unconventional look at grief and healing. (I reviewed it here.)
  • Past Lies: An Amy Devlin Mystery, by Christina Weir, Nunzio DeFilippis and Christopher Mitten (Oni): I don’t think there are nearly enough murder mysteries in comics, and this is a stylish and solid example. Are we going to see a follow-up? (I reviewed it here.)
  • Sexy Voice and Robo, by Iou Kuroda (Viz): An utterly beguiling oddity and probably one of the best books Viz has ever published. Magnificent character study, amazingly fluid shifts of tone, and a real sense of discovery throughout. Lots of people should buy this so that Viz will be motivated to publish more books like it. (I reviewed it here.)
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    1. mark thorpe says:

      But Berserk vol.17 is out! And so is Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad! Talk about your underappreciated comics.

    2. Huff says:

      Yeah, Berserk is indeed out. The fact that the blogosphere continues to ignore this is mind blowing. Probably those cursed first three volumes of mediocrity and mindless violence. Don’t be fooled people, you can’t find a better fantasy comic, let alone manga, coming out today.
      There are actually quite a few great books coming out (Beck, Berserk, Casanova, Fell) but as it stands I’ve read every single one of them, including The Rabbi’s Cat. Which actually suits me just fine because Criterion dropped a crap load of amazing DVDs within the last week.

    3. Hey, David:

      Sorry to do this here, but I’ve been trying to contact you at your Yahoo address since Saturday, but the emails keep bouncing back. Can you drop me a line? Thanks!

    4. davidpwelsh says:

      Will do, Kevin. I used my Gmail account in case it’s a Yahoo-specific issue.

    5. Sebastian says:

      Re: The Rabbi’s Cat

      Seeing that there are 3 original volumes in the Pantheon volume and guessing that they won’t make the next one thinner it’ll be another 1-2 years until you get a second collection. Volume 5 just came out in France last December and so far Sfar has published one volume every 1-2 years.

      At least volume 6 is already planned. It will have the title “Tu n’auras pas d’autre Dieu que moi”, “You won’t have any other God but me” (says so on the back of volume 5).

    6. Sebastian says:

      BTW, this just in (found it via

      After Persepolis, now also The Rabbi’s Cat seems to be headed for the big screen.

      The site: (mostly also available in English)

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