In this week’s Flipped, it’s all Fumi Yoshinaga, all the time. I think I’ve finally figured out what distinguishing factor makes Ichigenme 801 and The Moon and the Sandals Juné, which isn’t really relevant to my central thesis that she’s generally awesome.

2 Responses to Yoshinagarama

  1. danielle leigh says:

    I’m not sure about the second volume of “Moon” but I remember the second volume of “Ichigenme” being much more explicit than the first.

    However, I doubt anything is as explicit as “Lovers in the Night” (if that is the correct English title?) which is crazy porny without a silly thing like “plot” (or well. Character development?) getting in the way.

  2. davidpwelsh says:

    I sometimes wonder if Yoshinaga’s assistants need to remind her to put the odd sex scene in her books. It’s not that they don’t fit, or that they seem perfunctory, but they don’t really seem like her first priority to me. Which is fine, because I love all of the plot and character development and obsessive nattering about criminal law and mountaineering and box lunches.

    The preview of the second volume of Ichigenme did suggest that things were going to get randier as they moved along. But I was thinking that it might be the depiction of… ahem… fluids that pushed it over the 801 hurdle.

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