May 23, 2007

Gosh, it’s getting so you can’t even use the phrase “the recent unpleasantness” with confidence, because there’s always something new. Aside from noting that I think the much-discussed Heroes for Hire cover is really grotesque, I think I’ll focus instead on things that don’t make me nauseous and do, in fact, bring joy, or at least the promise of future joy.

  • The July issue of Shojo Beat, featuring an excerpt from Osamu Tezuka’s legendary Princess Knight series, inches ever closer to release. It’s a comic about a heroic girl who has adventures and fights injustice, and it’s widely credited as one of the most influential shôjo manga of all time. I hope this isn’t a one-time deal and that more chapters of the story are forthcoming from Viz.
  • Even sooner, you will be able to experience the mad glory that is Ai Morinaga’s My Heavenly Hockey Club (Del Rey). Remember when I put out a call for seriously daft shôjo comedies? Based on the preview copy Del Rey sent me, this series is like the platonic ideal of what I was seeking.
  • Bryan Lee O’Malley has shared a page from the fourth volume of his Scott Pilgrim series. Ah, just looking at it gives me hope.
  • Amazon has finally sent me the third volume of Mail (Dark Horse), along with the innocent books held hostage by its tardiness.
  • Shawn Hoke has adopted a puppy so adorable that she looks like she sprang fully-formed from the brow of a shôjo manga-ka.