This does not bode well for my summer movie season

So we went to see 28 Weeks Later today, having really enjoyed 28 Days Later. About halfway through, I stopped counting plot twists that came up because there wouldn’t have been any more movie if they hadn’t. What a disappointment.

On the bright side, the audience was quiet and well-behaved. And I found myself unexpectedly interested in the trailer for the Fantastic Four sequel, in spite of finding the first one incredibly boring.

3 Responses to This does not bode well for my summer movie season

  1. gynocrat says:

    I liked the rough feel of 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later felt too–polished. I think another word that came to mind was, formulatic. When you take the focus of what the characters are experiencing on a personal level, and put all that focus on the horror of the ‘rage infestation’, it becomes genre-fodder.


  2. Huff says:

    I never really got what was so great about the first film aside from a couple of intense moments, so I’ll probably skip this one. This summer season does seem a little dry though, especially since the three biggest sequels all seem to suck. I don’t think Paprika is playing in my neck of the woods either. Even my love for the original film can’t get me excited about the new Die Hard either. Still, there’s a couple of promising films like Rescue Dawn, and despite the fact that it sounds like a second-rate Dreamworks film Ratatouille might still have some Pixar-magic.

  3. davidpwelsh says:

    That’s a good way of describing it, Tina. The successful parts for me were the early, personal ones, and then it turned into some mash-up of Aliens (but without Sigourney Weaver or Carrie Henn), and it lost all of its energy.



    … was I supposed to believe that those zombies had run all the way through the Chunnel?

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