The geek shall inherit

This week’s shipping list seems designed to thrill the hardcore manga consumer.

First up is Dark Horse’s release of MPD-Psycho, and here’s what the publisher has to say about it:

“Originally licensed by another U.S. publisher, MPD-Psycho was deemed too shocking for them to release. But Dark Horse is always prepared to give manga readers what they want!”

Sometimes only a couple of weeks after they were originally solicited! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) The book is written by Eiji Otsuka, of The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service fame, so that’s promising. It’s illustrated by Sho-U Tajima, whose name doesn’t ring a bell, but Dark Horse promises “controversial and unflinchingly grotesque glory.” This sort of thing isn’t my usual cup of tea, but I find myself overwhelmed by pre-release buzz.

Early word on the debut issue of Otaku USA (Curtis Circulation) has been overwhelmingly positive, which shouldn’t be surprising given the credentials of many of the contributors. Here’s Jog’s run-through, and here are the views of the good folks at Heisei Democracy. (That last link was found via Simon Jones.)

I’m still not entirely clear on what to expect from Aranzi Aronzo’s Aranzi Machine Gun from Vertical, but I’m intrigued all the same by the promise of “a massive assault of cuteness and ridiculousness, with a special craft section at the end of every issue, to make practical use of the hilarious (if useless) inside scoops you got in the rest of the book.”

8 Responses to The geek shall inherit

  1. John Jakala says:

    “Sometimes only a couple of weeks after they were originally solicited!”

    Zing! It’s funny because it’s true!!

    Looking forward to MPD-Psycho (and XS Hybrid, which Diamond also lists as coming out this week). And I’m curious enough about Otaku USA that’ll I’ll probably try to swing by B&N on the way home tonight to pick up a copy. As for Aranzi Machine Gun… I’ll have to wait to see what others say about that (although it certainly does look interesting).

  2. Simon Jones says:

    MPD Pyscho is…interesting. It’s well written and pretty enough and actually worth reading. But it is fairly unpleasent and the last five volumes don’t really make much sense. At all.

  3. Simon Jones says:

    Err… I don’t know what the guy above is thinking, I find MPD Psycho to be a very pleasant experience! =)

  4. Simon Jones says:

    Yeah. One of us is going to have to kill the other now. But on that note, I enjoyed MPD. It’s just that it really isn’t going to be everyones cup of tea. And the end really does have only the vaugest relation to the initial premise.

  5. davidpwelsh says:

    I think the obvious solution is just to find a third, tie-breaking Simon Jones.

  6. […] Welsh looks over this week’s comics, and not one but two Simon Joneses, with radically different opinions of […]

  7. HABE says:

    Seeing Takashi Miike’s brilliant mini-series adaptation of MPD Pyscho ruined the manga for me. No matter how good it might be, all I can see now are the glaring weaknesses that Miike removed or morphed to create his masterpiece. My opinion might be different if I’d read the manga first.

  8. Nah, we’ll just do the Futurama thing… you be Simon 1, I’ll be Simon A.

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