Quick comic comments: MPD-Psycho

Just a couple of initial reactions to MPD-Psycho (Dark Horse):

  • Was anyone else put off by the font used for the dialogue? It seemed excessively bold to me, like everyone was shouting all the time. At the same time, it almost struck me as kind of whimsical, like the specialty font that might be used for a fantasy character to provide contrast. (It’s possible that I’m just a little overly sensitive to lettering.)
  • If the Nymphet controversy didn’t provide sufficient evidence of cultural differences in terms of age-appropriateness of material between Japan and the U.S., the fact that this book was originally published in a kids’ comic (it was in a shônen magazine, according to the author’s notes) should bolster the argument. Nipples! Dismemberments! Fetish gear!
  • It was a pretty absorbing read, though, once I got used to the font. I like the premise and (surprisingly, given my general level of squeamishness) wasn’t too bothered by the explicit gore and violence. I’m not entirely sold on the series yet, but I’ll definitely be back for the next volume.

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    1. Myk says:

      Nipples! Dismemberments! Fetish gear!

      If I ever record an album, this shall be its title.

    2. Simon Jones without a blog says:

      The same Shonen magazine as Sgt. Frog no less. Though Shonen Ace is weird and, while a Shonen Mag, isn’t actually targeted at a Shonen audience, being more for the Anime crowd than anything, which is a compartively different audience. That said, there is some wonderfully inappropriate stuff in Shonen mags.

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    4. Huff says:

      Yeah, Shonen Ace seems to be more of an older teen magazine. Like Simon said, its targeted at anime fans, which is why you have cutesy stuff like Frog or Chikyu Misaki running alongside stuff like MPD Psycho. I think the confusion is due more to our strict usage of terms like shonen or shojo.

    5. Simon Jones without a blog says:

      There’s a couple of misleading titles like that. I know Shonen Champion, in spite of it’s title, is geared towards working class guys in their 30’s and there’s at least one very old school puportedly Shojo book that is in fact aimed towards middle aged businessmen.

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