Friday links

June 15, 2007

I’m disappointed that the producers of the Nancy Drew movie went with a Brady Bunch-ish “from the land of retro” approach to the material, but I always enjoy reading A.O. Scott’s reviews for The New York Times:

“But as it is, ‘Nancy Drew’ stands as an example of how to take a foolproof, time-tested formula — a young detective using smarts and determination to solve a case — and mess it up with superficial cleverness and pandering hackwork.”

If you’re looking for a revisionist approach to Ms. Drew and her peers in adolescent sleuthing, I’d recommend Mabel Maney’s Nancy Clue/Cherry Aimless books. They’re slash-tastic!


I don’t know if I’d call Ai Morinaga’s Your and My Secret a guilty pleasure, but I’m always glad to see some love for this unfortunately abandoned ADV series, especially if it comes from someone as smart as Katherine Dacey-Tsuei.


Quote of the week, possibly the month:

“If DC had published a comic featuring a seductively posed zombie Lois Lane, its hardcore partisans would just want to know which Earth it was taking place on.”

Dick Hyacinth