Yen for ICE

In the just-arrived Publishers Weekly Comics Week, Kai-Ming Cha answers all our questions about the future of ICE Kunion: they’re joining forces with Yen Press, who will be picking up the current roster of ICE Kunion titles. That’s good news for people who’d been enjoying them. (I had wondered precisely what former ICE editorial director Ju-Yuon Lee’s presence on the SDCC Yen Press panel meant, and I’m glad to see she took their titles with her when she joined Yen.)

Well, okay, maybe all of our questions aren’t answered:

“Fans curious about the promises of free manhwa on the ICE Kunion Web site should note that the site will soon redirect people to the Yen Press Web site, where they can find all of ICE’s series now under the Yen Press label. Although [Kurt] Hassler said there was some confusion over who owned the URL, he said the matter is being resolved.”

Anything that keeps me in Goong

3 Responses to Yen for ICE

  1. danielle leigh says:

    Although I’m glad we have confirmation Ice Kunion titles aren’t dead I’m kind of disappointed we will have to wait a year (May of 2007 to May of 2008) to see any of those titles published. (The adult in me knows this is a reasonable amount of time considering the practical end of the change-over, but the manga fan in me…well. You probably know…)

    Still. Certainly it is good to finally HEAR what is going on with those titles (three months is just too long to leave fans in limbo as far as I’m concerned).

  2. ChunHyang72 says:

    That’s great news! I hope this means that the translation/adaptations will be a little better than in the original editions.

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