Feast your eyes on the latest bestseller list at Publishers Weekly Comics Week, because I’m guessing it’s going to get a little monotonous in the coming months.

There are some interesting entries on the roster. I’m a little surprised that Absolute Boyfriend 4 beat Fullmetal Alchemist 14, given the anime support for the latter. The former did come out earlier in the month, so maybe that was a factor. We’ll see if either of them show up next month as well. It’s happened with Fullmetal before.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid shows up for the second month running in the same slot (third place), which makes me think I should read it. Have I missed a bunch of glowing reviews?

In spite of a lengthy span with no new volumes, Hellsing apparently hasn’t lost its audience. I’m not sure if that’s a good message for publishers.

This month’s consolation prize goes to the second volume of DC’s 52. It came in second for the month in the Direct Market, where “such characters as Booster Gold, Inifinity Inc and Black Adam that have since spun off their own series or miniseries” hold more coin.

8 Responses to No-ruto

  1. John Jakala says:

    What, no mention of the marvelous manga that snagged the #1 spot? Or were you going to let me blog that bit?

  2. davidpwelsh says:

    Hey, I’m not going to step on the toes of the BEST BLEACH BLOGGER IN THE WORLD. Also, its awesome rise to market power isn’t really shocking, is it?

  3. Brigid says:

    I discovered Diary of a Wimpy Kid when it was online on some kids’ website. My daughter, who was in fifth grade at the time, really liked it, and I remember the parts I read as being pretty good. It’s a typical school story, with lots of embarrasing screwups and self-deprecating humor, but I recall it being more of a heavily illustrated book than a graphic novel.

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  5. Calvin Reid says:

    I suppose there’s a very real possibility that PW’s bestseller list will be an all-Naruto list in the coming months. We’ll see. We try to give a snap shot of the selling tendences each month. I may have slept a bit on Jeff Smith’s Bone, which seems to sell quite well but not at a level that would make it stand out. Oh well, we’re imperfect here at PW, but we’ll try and do better next month.

  6. davidpwelsh says:

    Well, I think it functions fine as a snapshot, Calvin. I’d still like to know a bit more about the mix of retail outlets that are surveyed, but it’s definitely an interesting look at the intersection between the direct market and more generalist book retailers. (I just think it would be slightly more interesting if I had more of a sense of the survey’s scale.)

    And seriously, if Naruto starts eating up slots with its accelerated releases, it’s hardly PWCW’s fault. It’ll just be… kind of dull.

    As for stuff like Bone, well, that’s more of a perennial seller than a month-to-month thing, isn’t it?

    Don’t worry. I’m not picking on you this month.

  7. John Jakala says:

    Bleach‘s rise to power isn’t all that surprising given the boost it got from the anime, but as a former superhero fan whose favorite books always seemed to be pulled out from under him, I am surprised to see a series I enjoy not only not in danger of cancellation but actually topping the sales charts.

  8. davidpwelsh says:

    It is kind of a weird sensation, isn’t it, John? For books that you think are good to also be popular? After years of watching books I really liked fall like trees in a rain forest (Chase, Young Heroes in Love, etc.), it’s nice (though unsettling) to experience title security.

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