September 10, 2007

I’m particularly happy with this week’s Flipped, because it’s an interview with the charming and frighteningly well-read Jason Thompson, author of the upcoming Manga: The Complete Guide and Manga Editor for Otaku USA.


September 10, 2007

I had a very sedentary weekend, which was nice… sort of vaguely moving between reading things, watching things on TV, and downloading free game trials. The only thing that could have improved it would have been a bowl of Cap’n Crunch or a box of Pop-Tarts (from the frosted, “fruit” category).

I almost never buy DVDs, preferring to throw my money away on comics, but I couldn’t pass up a copy of the first season collection of The Venture Brothers. (There was a DVD sale at the comic shop.) I’ve seen a couple of episodes on The Cartoon Network and found them hilarious, and this seemed like the easiest way to have them constantly at my disposal. (Because you never know what’s going to happen with CN’s schedule, except that you can pretty much always catch an episode of Naruto. Or some really terrible low-fi cartoon that looks like it cost a dollar to produce because hey, if it worked for South Park, why not try it without any good writing?) I think the show would be hilarious even if you didn’t have precisely the repository of pop culture memories that it satirizes, and since I have them, it doesn’t matter.

Whenever I’m surfing, I usually find some horrible live-action ‘tween comedy on The Disney Channel, but they were having a Kim Possible marathon on Saturday, so I alternated between that and The Venture Brothers. It was a surprisingly fluid fit. I don’t think I’d rush out to buy the DVD, but it’s funny and energetic and it’s got a naked mole rat in the cast. There’s no down side.

My idiot box marathon ended painfully Saturday night with a viewing of High School Musical II. It’s nice to see that my tastes aren’t entirely juvenile, but OW! OW OW OW OW! It was all kinds of painful, but nothing was as unnerving as the Manson lamps of the lead guy, Zac Efron. He always looked like he was contemplating his next crime, even if he was singing happy pop songs. He scared me.