September 19, 2007

The Beat finds the WTNH follow-up on that story out of Connecticut, revealing that the “lewd comic” in question is Eightball by Daniel Clowes.

Maybe the teacher just got sick of her raving about manga?

Conn jobless

September 19, 2007

So what’s the graphic novel that’s started a flap in a Connecticut high school, as noted by The Beat yesterday? Nobody’s saying, but the teacher has resigned, according to this report in the New Haven Register.

“Superintendent of Schools Thomas Forcella said Fisher gave the freshman girl an ‘inappropriate’ graphic novel as part of an outside reading assignment. Forcella would not name the book or describe the objectionable elements.

“‘All I can say is it was, in my estimation, inappropriate for the grade level due to the content and the nature of the material,’ he said.”

Since all anyone can do at this point is throw out unflattering speculation, I’ll guess that

a) the book was something obviously literary (like Fun Home or Blankets) but featuring adult content, and the district is familiar with similar controversies that didn’t make the censoring agent look good, or

b) the district is reluctant to trigger a rush on the graphic novel among its freshman students by naming it.