If I had a teenaged daughter…

… I’d greet each new day with a handful of Valium washed down with a brimming tumbler of vodka. That’s all I can say with any certainty.

I wonder if anyone’s using this Connecticut business to put a Minx pitch together. There’s certainly enough hot-button material there.

5 Responses to If I had a teenaged daughter…

  1. gynocrat says:

    According to Mr. Gynocrat, raising a daughter really isn’t as emotionally trying as it’s cracked up to me–admittedly though, the manchild’s been quite a trip so far, and technically– he’s our teen. People are very quick on the trigger to judge parents by their children’s behavior – and so likewise, you get parents who are extremely sensitive and well…downright weird, about certain issues.

    TMI: my son visited a friend of his this summer. She was a girl. Because she had started her period that June, her father decided that she was no longer allowed to have any boys as friends. My son came home completely freaked out. He actually came out of the house and explained to my son that he just couldn’t be friends with girl, once she became a woman. Yeah– have a drink not only for your own children, but for the weirdness of other parents. :/

  2. davidpwelsh says:

    Yikes! Your poor son! I’m sure that really demystified a perfectly natural biological function for him. “And I think it gives them force fields that burn your flesh if you get too close!”

  3. gynocrat says:

    You get these parents that are absolute snickers-bars, and what shames me most is that, they’re from my generation *shakes head*. I’m not perfect, but I’m also not so insane as to think one titty on a comics page is going scar my children for life. When my son grabbed and skimmed his way through Lady Snowblood, all I did was take it away from him and say, not this year. What he does when I’m not around, after being told what he’s not allowed to do – is completely on him, not me…or the bookstore that makes it available. LOL!

  4. JennyN says:

    Re: Gynocrat’s story – are this family recent immigrants from Saudi Arabia? Or – if they’re wrapped-in-the-flag USians – does this simply illustrate the truism that extremes tend to meet?


  5. gynocrat says:

    Actually no, the father was from Mexico. :/

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