Amazon attacks!

September 25, 2007

It’s bound to happen from time to time. This week’s ComicList just doesn’t inspire me. I’m not too worried, as I’ve got a big shipment coming from Amazon, which happens to be having one of its four-for-the-price-of-three sales underway.

So to fill in for the usually pre-Wednesday, ramblings, here are some possible combinations you might consider if you’re looking through those Amazon listings.

  • The Popularity Contest: Have you fallen behind on (or never savored) some of the best-selling series out there? Now is your chance to atone.
  • I Missed the Omnibus! Maybe you just weren’t able to commit to that big, one-volume edition of Jeff Smith’s delightful Bone. You can sample it in smaller doses.
  • Fashion Forward: It’s not really open for debate that Ai Yazawa creates some of the most stylish manga out there, between Paradise Kiss and Nana.
  • The Anime’s Coming! The Anime’s Coming! As if the manga wasn’t popular enough, live-action and animated versions of Death Note will be arriving soon. See what all of the fuss is about.
  • Boys, Boys, Boys: Fans of yaoi would do well to give this list a careful scan, as there are treasures within.
  • She’s Back: After too long of an absence, ADV has resumed releases of Yotsuba&! And Amazon has her.
  • Four Minxes: Were you reluctant to pick up DC’s Minx books until you heard some critical feedback? You can pick them all up and get one for free. (To be honest, the only one I’d recommend without reservation is Re-Gifters.)
  • The Godfather: No, not the Corleone version — Tezuka. There’s a nice sampling of his work sprinkled among the offerings.
  • I had other categories in mind, but if I cut and paste one more hyperlink, I’ll lose my mind. Or what’s left of it.

    Okay, I can manage one more. Buy this book.