September 28, 2007

ICv2 looks at recent BookScan numbers, and they find a whole lot of manga with a hefty dose of ninja in the mix:

1. Naruto 16
2. Naruto 17
3. Naruto 18
4. Fruits Basket Fan Book
5. Fruits Basket 17
6. Naruto Anime Profiles
7. Negima 15
8. Naruto 1
9. Naruto 15
10. Bleach 20
11. Death Note 1

The imminent arrival of the Death Note anime on Adult Swim is obviously giving that series some new legs, and Viz must be happy with the placement of the first volume of Naruto. It looks like the massive roll-out strategy is working quite nicely, particularly if you can draw a direct line from the multiple new releases to the renewed interest in the beginning of the series. (I’m not entirely sure you can, but it’s at least a dotted line.)