Status quo

This week’s Flipped is up, with quick visits to previously reviewed series to see how they’re holding up. Some are good as they ever were, one’s improving, one’s rebounding, and one seems to be starting a downhill slide.

2 Responses to Status quo

  1. Huff says:

    Nice column as always. I actually thought volume 8 of Eden was in the top three volumes range. Not only does it somehow salvage Elijah’s illogical character development of the last volume, but it also works wonderfully as a genre that Endo excels at: the relationship drama. Not as deep or nuanced as his work in Tanpenshu, but being emotionally attached to the characters makes up for it. I do know what you mean about getting back to business, and luckly Kenji shows up next volume, which surely means epic-plots/ass-kickery will follow in his wake. Now that Eden is back on track I’m really bummed that its getting reduced to twice-a-year, though I’m sure it will help the sales.

  2. davidpwelsh says:

    Thanks, Huff!

    The sexual coming-of-age stuff could have been really awful — hooker with a heart of gold teaches troubled young man the ways of love — but I was really pleasantly surprised, especially by how genuinely funny it was. That went a long way towards lifting it up.

    And why is it that some of my favorite series come out so slowly? Wild Adapter, Dragon Head, Kurosagi and now Eden.

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