The Monday randomizer

I didn’t get around to putting together a Flipped column for this week. I read lots of horror manga, but I ended up being too paralyzed with fear to write about any of it! (Okay, the truth is I had a day-job event and a delightful houseguest. Sue me.)


I also made oatmeal cookies, and after considerable scientific research and extensive comparison, I’ve decided that they just taste better with dried cranberries in them. Sorry, raisins, you dried fruit of the average palate. (I’ve never made them with dried blueberries or, dare I suggest it, dried cherries, so Craisins could be bumped off of the throne any week now.)


Not long ago, I was pondering ‘tween-friendly musicals like Legally Blonde, and MTV was kind enough to broadcast a taped performance of the show. It was pretty awful, so of course I watched all of it. Aside from “Gay or European,” the songs were incredibly uninspired, and the performances were really competent but not quirky in the ways they needed to be to really sell the resolutely so-so material. The audience for the performance ate it up, though, cheering on cue like the center of the basketball team just walked on stage.


I knew I wasn’t the only person who found the “Poor, Poor Tigra” stuff creepy, but there’s something incredibly reassuring about seeing that it also bothered Graeme McMillan. Not that I want him to be bothered, obviously, but you know what I mean.


“This is the worst column ever by the way Chris. I’m going to build an underground railroad just to get you out of this column. To help you escape.”

— From Part 2 of Chris Mautner’s interview with Tom Spurgeon over at Blog@Newsarama.

It’s not true at all, obviously. If you want to see Spurgeon in action as a critic, he thoughtfully provides more comics reviews in a single weekend post than I seem to manage to write in a year. Not that I’m feeling inadequate or anything.


Still on the subject of reviews I enjoyed reading, check out Katherine Dacey-Tsuei’s look at With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child over at Manga Recon.

5 Responses to The Monday randomizer

  1. Thanks for the nice words–your review of With the Light was a very tough act to follow, as you made all the points I wanted to make but so much more eloquently! Here’s hoping that we’ve inspired a few folks to give it a try.

  2. davidpwelsh says:

    No problem! I’m really glad you reviewed it, and I thought your eloquence was off the charts, as usual.

  3. mark thorpe says:

    Try oatmeal cookies with sweetened Dates. Normally, I can’t stand putting fruit in any baked good, but dates add a nice chewy element that’s not too overwhelming.

  4. Thanks for the link David. Glad you liked the interview.

    If memory serves, I believe dried cherries do work with oatmeal cookies, but not nearly as well as dried cranberries. Also white chocolate chips are a bonus.

    I really need to get around to reviewing With the Light.

  5. davidpwelsh says:

    Mark: My partner is a big fan of dates, so that’s a really good suggestion. I find them a little overwhelming on their own, but I’d probably like them sort of melted into the rest of the cookie.

    Chris: I’ve got a deeply ingrained bias against mixing chocolate and fruit. I have no idea where it comes from. Maybe I had a bad experience with a Chunky bar when I was a kid. (And I think mixing citrus with chocolate of any hue should be the subject of some kind of culinary restraining order. It always ends up tasting like chewable aspirin to me.)

    And you’re welcome for the link, and thanks again for the delightful reading.

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