From the stack: Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together

November 10, 2007

At this point, I’m pretty sure you either like Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series (Oni Press) or you don’t. There’s nothing in the fourth volume, Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together, that’s likely to change your opinion either way. For me, that means another delightful installment of comedy, action, romance and cheerful absurdity in a wonderfully cohesive package.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t surprises in the new chapter. As the title suggests, the titular twenty-something is brought up short by some shocking new developments – the specter of gainful employment, shelter, and emotional maturity. O’Malley manages this without shifting the tone at all, keeping things antic and sweet. He juggles his large cast with skill, mixing and matching in sneaky, amusing ways and introducing appealing new characters.

This series is just pure pleasure for me. It makes me giddy-happy in the same ways as Love Roma, Yotsuba&! and Empowered, with a gifted creator picking from a grab-bag of narrative elements and making them all work together beautifully. I just love this book.

(This review is based on a preview proof provided by the publisher, though I’m totally buying it when it comes out on Wednesday, Nov. 15.)