Top Secret

December 13, 2007

Okay, I clearly just suck at this Previews look-through thing. (Either that or I’m very cleverly trying to stretch a single post over several days in a shameless attempt to pad content. I really think it’s just that I suck, though.)

Anyway, I inexcusably forgot to mention the listing of Ai Morinaga’s Your and My Secret, arriving via Tokyopop (page 331). And bless Tokyopop for picking it up, because I loved the single volume that ADV published three and a half years ago.

If you’ve been enjoying Morinaga’s My Heavenly Hockey Club (Del Rey), you should definitely give it a look. If you’ve found that book a little flighty and silly (never a problem for me, but I hear such things happen), you should give it a look anyways, because it’s very smart and subversive in its look at gender roles. I can’t wait to finally see what happens next.

(I couldn’t find the book’s page on Tokyopop’s web site, but I’m delighted to note the following passage in Katherine Dacey-Tsuei’s excellent Anime Fest wrap-up at Manga Recon:

“Tokyopop will be overhauling its website, making it easier to navigate and locate information about its own products.”

Seriously, Tokyopop’s site used to be the most navigable in terms of finding product information, and now it’s… considerably less so. Here’s hoping that the pendulum swings back with extreme prejudice.)