Upcoming 2/27/2008

Man, the storm is following the calm this week. Tons of stuff is arriving in comic shops this week (that’s probably already in bookstores) that’s worth a look.

(Dear Borders: Please open a concept store in my area. The area is virtually free of pesky zoning regulations, and big box chains are welcomed with unnerving fervor and gratitude that’s almost pathetic. Just look at the parking lot of the Olive Garden if you don’t believe me. Failing that, please offer a “buy blank for the price of blank minus one,” as I will be in the vicinity of one of your non-concept outlets later in the week and would appreciate a bargain.)

It almost never happens that I come to a manga via the anime, but I’ve seen some episodes of Crayon Shinchan on Cartoon Network and found them hilarious. CMX has picked up the manga, once published by ComicsOne, and will be releasing it in all of its vulgar, adorable glory.

I’ve already gone on about the fifth volume of Kitchen Princess (Del Rey). It shows up in comic shops Wednesday.

Aside from the cheerful bad taste of the acronym you can form from part of its title, I’ve actually heard good things about Kei Azumaya’s All Nippon Airline: Paradise 3000 Feet (Juné).

The tenor has obviously been different, but I’ve also heard really good things about Ulf K.’s Hieronymus B. (Top Shelf). It looks like it should make for a nice change of pace.

And Viz has decided against pacing themselves this week, churning out manga I really like in a great flood. The situation is so serious that I have to resort to the bulleted list.

  • Beauty Pop vol. 6, by Kiyoko Arai: ACK! Get that horrible child off of the cover!
  • Gin Tama vol. 5, by Hiroaki Sorachi: Really, really smart comedy about really, really dumb characters. Many try to pull this kind of thing off, but few succeed.
  • High School Debut vol. 2, by Kazune Kawahara: I thought the first volume had tons of potential, and I’m assured that Kawahara realizes that potential in really interesting ways.
  • Honey and Clover vol. 1, by Chica Umino: Sweet and hilarious stuff about a group of art students.
  • Nana vol. 9, by Ai Yazawa: I’m a selfish ass, so I’m just glad that this book is coming out more often. It looks as though things get even more uncomfortable in this volume, which is just as it should be in soap opera.
  • Naruto vol. 28, by Masashi Kishimoto: I’m pretty much a Naruto newbie, so when Viz sent this volume my way, I was curious to see how it functioned as a starting point for someone who was basically ignorant of everything that went before. It works well, and it’s a very entertaining comic in its own right. Also, Sakura splits the earth open with her fist and does a variety of other impressive things, and I am instantly smitten.
  • But seriously, was that level of quantity and quality strictly necessary?

    10 Responses to Upcoming 2/27/2008

    1. Huff says:

      Just to let you know the english dub of the Shin-chan anime took a lot of liberties because of the often culterally specific nature of its comedy. The translation of the manga made similar changes (the ComicsOne edition), such as replacing Japanese pop-culture references with American ones, but if I remember correctly it isn’t nearly as adult-oriented as Funimation’s handling of the show. That said it’s still pretty un-PC and definitally funny as hell.

    2. davidpwelsh says:

      I’m not too worried, as most of the stuff that made me laugh the hardest (and most shamefully) was stuff that didn’t really need any cultural touchstones to make me snort. I mean, horrible children are horrible children the world over.

    3. Dave White says:

      Hell, for that matter, Dave, the new volume of Yotsuba&! is out today too.

    4. davidpwelsh says:

      Oh, argh, I have that one on pre-order at the comic shop, so I have to wait a week. Still, that certainly gives me a head start on enthusiasm for next Wednesday.

    5. oingoboingo says:

      Hmm… The list of new stuff arriving on the Diamond site doesn´t mention both Gin Tama and Honey and Clover !?!

    6. […] David Welsh runs through his picks of this week’s new comics. […]

    7. davidpwelsh says:

      I usually go with what ComicList says, just because I’m lazy and I find their listing easier to read, but there are definitely some one-week differences between what they list and what shows up in shops. And heck, 90% of this stuff is probably already at Barnes & Noble anyways.

    8. Borders’ website says the new volume of Nana isn’t out yet. Is it actually making it to comics stores first? Eh, that means I can use my email coupon on the next volume of Monster…

    9. davidpwelsh says:

      Nana was a no-show at my LCS, and it’s one of the books I’ve got on reserve, so it’s probably just a case of Viz listing the bulk of the month’s releases at the beginning of a month. Still… MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.

    10. […] of the Viz books that I name-checked last week actually shop up this week – the first volume of Chica Umino’s excellent josei comedy Honey and […]

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