At Manga Recon, Kate Dacey and Erin F. take an entertainingly thorough (and thoroughly entertaining) look at the translated works of Fumi Yoshinaga. I’m a big fan of Yoshinaga’s work, and I’m thrilled that so much of it is available in English. And since I never pass up a chance to lazily develop blog content, here’s my list of her works ordered from favorite to least:

1. Flower of Life (DMP)
2. Antique Bakery (DMP)
3. Tie — Ichigenme: The First Class Is Civil Law (801 Media) and The Moon and the Sandals (Juné)
5. Gerard and Jacques (Blu)
6. Don’t Say Any More, Darling (Juné)
7. Garden Dreams (DMP)
8. Tie — Lovers in the Night (Blu) and Truly, Kindly (Blu)
10. Solfege (Juné)

I’ll probably annotate these at some point, but I haven’t had enough coffee yet, and as I said… lazy blog content development.

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  2. Rhean says:

    Last fall I kept buying the Fumi Yoshinaga books at Borders, and they kept re-stocking with different Yoshinaga titles for me to buy the following week. Life was good then 🙂 Will there be a Flower of Life volume 4??

  3. Huff says:

    Since it ties in with this post, Yoshinaga’s Ohoku was just announced as a nominee for the Tezuka prize, which unlike the Kodansha or Shogakukan awards actually means something. Other nominees include Nana (not sure how I feel about this, but its expected given its ridiculous popularity) and Yotsuba&!, as well as new manga from Daisuke Igarashi (Children of the Sea, which is awesome) and Naoki Yamamoto (never thought I’d see this). Seems to be a pretty strong year all around.
    Unfortunately, I have yet to read one of Yoshinaga’s works. I know she’s supposed to be a great writer but whenever I’m about to give her a shot my young male insecurities kick in and I’m compelled to run to the nearest copy of Crying Freeman. Okay, not really but I still don’t really see myself really getting into yaoi. I might as well just buy Antique Bakery next time I’m at the bookstore since that seems to be her most beloved work.

  4. davidpwelsh says:

    Actually, neither Antique nor Flower are yaoi. Both are basically slice-of-life comedy-dramas, and Flower is absolutely hilarious high-school stuff to boot.

  5. Huff: I’m not a big yaoi fan, either, and strongly prefer Flower of Life and Antique Bakery over her other work. I’d definitely suggest Flower of Life for someone who’s as knowledgeable about manga culture as you seem to be. It’s not an otaku parody (a la I, Otaku) per se, but it does poke fun at shojo and BL conventions in a highly amusing fashion.

  6. jun says:

    Will there be a Flower of Life volume 4??

    I haven’t seen anything on DMP’s site yet. I was kind of waiting for it to come out before reading the series, since I think the fourth volume is the final one. But now I don’t know…

  7. davidpwelsh says:

    I know a fourth volume has been published in Japan (fairly recently), and it’s the last in the series, but I don’t think DMP has solicited it yet.

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