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K.D. Bryan offers thoughtful commentary on the third volume of Adam Warren’s Empowered (Dark Horse), and extrapolates the discussion to consider contemporary super-heroines in general:

“So my major problem here isn’t that Empowered vol. 3 has taken a misstep because an intelligent, thoughtful writer tried to deepen the series – taking the comedy out of the equation in two of the chapters to provide contrast between how she is treated and the true potential she wields. No, my real problem is that so many more well-known superheroines aren’t being given the same basic consideration as Empowered.”

Well worth your reading time, as is Bryan’s comment on my reaction to the book.

In other Adam Warren news, Marvel editor Tom Brevoort counts Warren’s Livewires (Marvel) among his “Unknown Greats.” I agree that this is a terrific comic, and it’s fascinating to read about just how meticulous Warren was in the process of creating it.

3 Responses to Warren words

  1. KDBryan says:

    Thanks very much for the kind words and the nifty link to the Livewires backstory! I thought I was alone in loving that series. At least he got to sneak two of them into a cameo in Iron Man: Hypervelocity, if memory serves.

    After reading both of those minis, his great Fantastic Four stuff (both anime version and 616) and his mad science-heavy run on Gen13, it simply boggles me that nobody’s offered him a permanent run on a sci-fi based superhero yet.

  2. davidpwelsh says:

    He’s just insanely talented. He can work so many different elements together without making them seem like a hodgepodge.

  3. […] (Above: sequence from the first volume in the series, ©2007 Adam Warren. Link via David Welsh.) […]

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