Summer reading

Okay, so Previews order forms are due tomorrow. I never promised to be timely, and there’s good stuff available.

I’ve made my feelings about Kaoru Mori’s Emma abundantly clear, so I’m excited the follow-up, Shirley (CMX). It’s a collection of shorts about English maids, and I’m sure it will be lovely. (Page 125.)

I’m not really the audience for books about making comics, but I admire the work of Jessica (La Perdida) Abel and Matt (Odds Off or, L’Amour Foutu) Madden enormously, so I’m sure Drawing Words & Writing Pictures (First Second) will be a valuable resource. (Page 291.)

Though I’m convinced there must be many more juicy and telling crimes from the Victorian era, Rick Geary’s shift to A Treasury of 20th Century Murder won’t keep me from greedily consuming The Lindbergh Child (NBM). Geary’s true-crime comics are some of the best reads out there. (Page 317.)

A new comic from Hope Larson is always cause for celebration. Simon & Schuster offers Chiggers, a tale of summer-camp complications between two best friends. (Page 332.)

There’s something about Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball books that puts me off, but I’ve liked what I’ve read of his silly, charming Dr. Slump. Viz rolls out another all-ages adventure, Cowa!, which has the added benefit of starring baby monsters. (Page 374.)

Enticing as the prospect of a new shot at Takehiko Inoue’s Slam Dunk is, I think I’m more excited about the impending arrival of his series, Real (Viz). It’s another sports series, this time about wheelchair basketball, and it won the Excellence Prize at the 2001 Japan Media Arts Festival. (Page 379.)

They aren’t exactly debuts, but I’m happy to see new installments of former ICE Kunion titles showing up in rotation from Yen Press. I’m particularly looking forward to the second volume of Soo Hee Park’s Goong, the tale of an ordinary girl set to marry a member of the royal family. (Page 382.)

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  2. Michelle says:

    I seriously happy with Yen Press releases. The thing I’m most excited about is their new magazine which is supposed to have Svetlana Chmakova’s new story in it. Dramacon was great, so I can’t wait.

    Ice Kunion’s titles are getting picked up again! (1/2-1 year of waiting…) I’m excited about Chocolat and Comic mostly, but Goong’s also looking good.

    Other than that, somehow I think it’s going to be a rather quiet summer, with mainly continuations of well-developed titles and some releases by smaller publishers popping up.

  3. Huff says:

    It’s great to see new material from Larson, but I can’t get over that title. I know she didn’t have slang definition in mind, but it’s still pretty odd.
    And REAL is indeed excellent. It is actually much more of a personal drama than a sports story, so don’t come into it expecting the usual shounen-trappings. I’m just excited that Viz is making an effort to release Inoue’s entire catalog, even his recent art books. Just a year or so ago it I wouldn’t have expected Vagabond to continue for much longer, especially after that long hiatus (which Viz probably could have handled much better as opposed to taking the “Naruto” route).

  4. Simon Jones who is blogless says:

    Dragon Ball is basically the perfect comic for 11-14 year old boys, which resulted in it being obscenely successful. It’s filled with stuff 11-14 year old boys love, like toilet humor and violence. If you’re not a 11-14 year old boy, you’re probably not going to get it.

  5. Chloe says:

    I actually just noticed as well that the Yen Press listings had eaten the ICE Kunion ones up on Amazon about one or two days ago. I wonder what finally got them to update the registry…either way, I’m not arguing. I’ll always go for the fifth installment of Bring It On.

  6. davidpwelsh says:

    Michelle: I’ll be curious to see what announcements come out of NYCC. It does seem like there are just a few big summer releases (Dororo, Cat-Eyed Boy, Real).

    Huff: Just to show how midwestern I am, I never even knew the other definition of “chiggers.” But now it’s locked in my brain. And that drama-sports ratio sounds just right for me, so I’ll probably like Real a whole lot.

    Simon: Exactly right. And since I’m much more partial to comics targeted at 11- to 14-year-old girls, it’s pretty much lost on me.

    Chloe: I’m glad I’ll be able to catch up and keep up with the ICE titles. (And extra points to Yen for being one of the publishers who updates its web site before the books are listed in Previews. It bugs me when I can’t link.)

  7. Huff says:

    David: Think of an Asian youth enamored with African-American culture.

    And I think that there are tons of excellent summer releases: Red Color Elegy, the third Tatsumi collection and Me and the Devil Blues (awesome, awesome manga) are all coming out in July, as well as a couple of other solid titles (Gantz, the new Picturebox book).

  8. thirstygirl says:

    I am very excited about the prospect of the Ice Kunion titles finally coming out. An ending to Chocolat, Bring it on! and Forest of Gray City! More You’re So Cool, Goong and Hissing… add in Bride of the Water God from Dark Horse and Netcomic’s Let Dai and Dokebi Bride and most of the series I am currently excited about are manhwa.

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