Flower power

The Beat is the first to share this year’s list of Eisner Award nominations, and many of them make me very, very happy. None quite so much as this one:

Best Writer/Artist
Fumi Yoshinaga, Flower of Life; The Moon and Sandals (Digital Manga)

See? A panel of experts agrees that Yoshinaga is awesome, so go out and buy all of the available volumes of Flower of Life, thus pressuring DMP into releasing the fourth.

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  1. John Jakala says:

    I completely missed that one! I was happy to see Yotsuba on the list, as well as Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms getting a couple nods. And I was tickled to see Takeshi Obata as a nominee for best Penciller/Inker. I guess that goes to show what a crossover hit Death Note is.

  2. Huff says:

    I like bitching about Eisner nominees as much as anyone, but I have to say: this year is pretty damn good. I mean I could have done without Y the Last Man being nominated in every single category, and its too bad that Alice and Sunderland more or less got snubbed (also, how the hell do you nominate Garage Band over Notes from a War Story?) but overall I think it’s a great bunch of comics with a surprising number of obscure gems.

    This is also the best year for manga that I can remember (at least from my perspective). Aside from Yoshinaga being only the second Japanese creator to get nominated for Best Writer/Artist the selection for best manga is much improved over the last couple of years. It’s especially reassuring to see New Engineering and Town of the Evening Calm… get nominated in multiple categories since they probably didn’t sell all that much. Even Yotsuba&! managed to sneak in there.

  3. davidpwelsh says:

    John: I was very relieved that the Dragon Boobs book wasn’t listed among Obata’s credits. Now maybe more people will pick up Hikaru no Go, which is the best comic about a board game EVER.

    Huff: I thought last year’s nominations were pretty strong, but I completely agree; these are even better. I was really happy to see Fred Chao’s wonderful Johnny Hiro get multiple nominations. Part of me wishes Takemiya’s books had gotten the slot in the archival material nominations, just to give a little more momentum for that group of creators, but I really can’t argue with giving it to Tezuka.

  4. RobinB says:

    Just to chime in: I agree this is a solid list this year. I’m glad to see the judges really striving for diversity, and I hope this means the voters will do that too (although I’m not holding my breath.)

    On the manga noms (in the Best U.S. Edition of International Material – Japan) my only quibble is the lack of recognition of titles that are not, well, guy oriented (although to be honest, that could probably be said of the whole industry, so…that’s not really the judges’ fault.) Town of Evening Calm is the only title by a woman in the category and thus I was a little sad to see more manga aimed at women or girls not recognized there. Then again, Fumi Yoshinaga almost makes that all better.

    The other great thing about the manga category, and this may be mean-spirited, but it’s interesting that there’s no traditional U.S. comics publisher on the list. That’s not a comment on the nominations really so much as I hope (hope!) that it’ll mean voters will really have to look at the list of titles, not just vote for the publisher they recognize.

    Knowing how hard it is to weed the list of nominees down, though, there are really minor, minor issues — I think it’s a really solid list. Outside of manga, I’m actually really happy to see the categories Best Publication for Kids and Best Publication for Teens split out that way — I know category creep is an issue, but it was much harder to judge Best Publication for Younger Readers when that meant anyone under the age of 18. So I think this categories work much better, as ways to highlight titles.

  5. Chloe says:

    best comic about a board game EVER

    I dunno, David…there’s no English version out yet for Shion no Ou in English, but it looked pretty intense when I cruised through it in a Book-Off last year. Four words: “professional female shogi players.”

  6. davidpwelsh says:

    Robin: That’s a good point when you consider how much of the market is targeted at women (and how much excellent stuff by and for women there is out there). Still, I can’t argue with the quality of the five titles there.

    Chloe: You raise an excellent point. I will modify.

    ,which is the best manga about a board game currenly available in English, though there are probably even better ones out there waiting to be licensed, and oh my god, MANGA, MARRY ME!

  7. Huff says:

    David: Johnny Hiro was the exact title I was thinking of when I wrote that comment. What’s it up for, like five awards? Bet that was a shocker to Chao…
    As for Takemiya, I could understand her getting nominated based on her masterful visual storytelling, but I really didn’t think either of her works were particularly mind-blowing. To Terra was good but a little too archaic, without enough of the charm or elegance that makes Leiji Matsumoto’s work feel fresh after all these years.

    Robin: I can understand why you would be frustrated, but in terms of books that seem “award worthy” these are the best choices. Personally I’d replace MW with Tanpenshu or Honey&Clover though.

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  9. Foggi says:

    I’ve already bought all three volumes of FoL, and am praying for a fourth sometime this year. ><

    Garage Band…Notes on a War Story…having read both, I’m inclined to agree with you. Garage Band was good, but Notes was sublime. ^^

    Town of Evening Calm deserves all the award(s) it will receive. ^^ As do Yotsuba& and Death Note, and even Y the Last Man.

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