Wish list

May 18, 2008

Tom Spurgeon ran an interesting Five for Friday query this week: “Name Five Archival/Translation Projects That Aren’t Happening Right Now (As Far As You Know) That You’d Love To See.” There are lots of interesting projects in the responses, but there isn’t much in the way of comics from Japan, so I thought I’d try and open a manga-specific version of the conversation here.

My picks:

  • Japan Tengu Party Illustrated by Iou Kuroda (of Sexy Voice and Robo fame)
  • Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture by Masayuki Ishikawa (winner of this year’s Best General Manga award in the Kodansha Manga Awards)
  • The Music of Marie by Usamu Furuya (brought onto my radar by Adam Stephanides)
  • Otherworld Barbara by Moto Hagio (another entry inspired by Jog’s list from 2005)
  • Princess Knight by Osamu Tezuka (because an excerpt in Shojo Beat is not enough)
  • What are yours? (This isn’t a demand or anything, but I’d love for people to go with blind optimism instead of dwelling on the commercial realities that make such potential licenses doomed to failure.)