Death Kitty!

National Public Radio’s Morning Edition takes a look at the two-day, 300-screen run of the live-action Death Note movie. It will definitely be interesting to see the results of this programming experiment. (Here’s Viz’s press release on the event, and here’s the event site from Fathom, which will shout at you if you let it.)

Now, if Sex and the City does well at the box office and film executives decide that women like going to movies, what are the chances of a similar blitz for the live-action adaptation of Nana? (In all seriousness, I really hate these obnoxious “can women drive commercial success at the cinema” think pieces that crop up every time a Sex and the City or Devil Wears Prada or Enchanted promises to make more than a dollar, because the answer has been a resounding yes every time. The only summer movie I’m excited about is Mamma Mia, because what healthy person with the capacity for joy doesn’t want to see Meryl Streep sing ABBA songs?)

Oh, and just because someone at NPR likely wanted to unnerve me on the way into work, they also ran a short piece about Hello Kitty’s new role as tourism ambassador.

If Hello Kitty is unable to complete her term as tourism ambassador, she will be replaced by her runner-up.

4 Responses to Death Kitty!

  1. John Jakala says:

    I just heard that “Death Note” piece on NPR while driving into work this morning! It’s showing at a couple theaters in the area on 5/21 and I’m almost tempted to go just to see how many teens decked out as Light or L show up. I didn’t realize it was dubbed until they played a little snippet of it on NPR, though, so I’ll probably just wait for the DVD, which will hopefully have subtitles.

  2. jun says:

    I heard that piece too! I was just relieved they pronounced “manga” correctly. The dub did sound a cheesy.

  3. jun says:

    er, a little cheesy, that should’ve been.

  4. thirstygirl says:

    We had a double-showing of the [subbed] Death Note movies at a film festival last year. I felt this warm affection towards the groups of cos-players. There was a *perfect* Light and I barely managed to refrain from patting him on the head.

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