Upcoming 5/4/2008

June 3, 2008

The rhythmic sound of the ocean has turned my brain to pudding, so I haven’t delved as carefully as I might otherwise through this week’s ComicList. And while they always say you should do something you wouldn’t do normally while on vacation, that’s been covered by “not stepping on dead jellyfish,” so I’ll stick with the old favorites.

This week’s highlights come from Viz. The first is the eighth volume of Kiyoko Arai’s very funny Beauty Pop, about a high-school club full of makeover artists. Its anchored by one of the surliest, most disinterested shôjo heroines I’ve ever seen, so naturally I love it.

The second is the second volume of Chica Umino’s also very funny Honey and Clover. If I’d been better prepared, I would have rented the live-action movie version to watch on the road. (Speaking of movies, I would recommend Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull if only for the pleasures of watching Cate Blanchett glare and Karen Allen making you wonder why they didn’t just call the movie Indiana Jones and We’re Really Sorry About Kate Capshaw.)

And holy crap, you guys, it came out a while ago, but the highlight of the big stack of wallow manga I brought with me is clearly the second volume of Hinako Ashihara’s Sand Chronicles. It’s funny and sad and beautiful and perfect, and everyone should read it.