Holy crap

You go offline for a freaking day because you don’t feel like giving a downer hotel one more red cent than you have to, and this happens. In addition to Brigid’s excellent coverage and link-tracking, I’d point with particular admiration at Chris Butcher’s analysis, and note that Heidi MacDonald succinctly underlines Tokyopop’s hyperactive unveiling of initiatives. And then there’s Tom Spurgeon:

“In fact, you could look at Tokyopop as another specialty publisher having to make changes or risk dying off altogether, and not much of a unique news story at all.”

One Response to Holy crap

  1. Chloe says:

    “Nicheblogging- where their backpage news is your frontpage scandal!”
    (Okay, all blog hate aside, I’ll actually be upset if TP cans Saver. I’m quite enamored of its strangely feminist vibes.)

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