An offer for those recently laid off by Tokyopop

June 6, 2008

I hope this doesn’t seem inappropriate, but I wanted to make an offer in the wake of the layoffs at Tokyopop. I’d like to conduct short e-mail interviews with any of the former employees who are interested to give them an opportunity to talk about their work experience, education and training, and professional aspirations, in the comics industry or elsewhere. This isn’t intended as an opportunity to bag on Tokyopop; it’s really just a way to recognize individual contributions of people who may never have gotten much notice for their efforts, and to help them put their names out there to prospective employers.

If you’re interested (and I’ll take absolutely no offense if you have better things to do, or, as I mentioned before, find the whole idea off-putting), drop me an e-mail at DavidPWelsh at Yahoo dot com or dwelsh at gmail dot com, and I’ll fire some basic questions your way. If you’ve already got a resume online or some other kind of web presence that covers the material, just send me a link, and I’ll be happy to post it as well.