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June 10, 2008

Some noteworthy items from this week’s ComicList:

I should be over this by now, but I still think of Dark Horse as the blood-and-guts comics publisher with all of the widescreen licensed properties and seinen shootouts. This is narrow-minded of me, but it leads me to pay more attention when something counter-intuitive arrives. This week, it’s Simone Lia’s Fluffy, about an adorable bunny and his human father, and it looks super, super cute.

One of my favorite trashy, stupid movies of all time is Change of Habit, because describing it makes you sound like you’re inventing it while stoned. It stars Mary Tyler Moore as an undercover nun who moves to the ghetto to do good works and meets a doctor played by Elvis Presley. Any part of that sentence is insane enough to make you doubt its veracity, so I won’t even mention all of the other plot twists. Anyway, my love of that film and my fondness for the work of Rumiko Takahashi pushes me towards One Pound Gospel (Viz).

Sometimes all it takes is a kind word or two from Kate Dacey to make me want a book very much. This week, that book is Ume Aoki’s Sunshine Sketch (Yen Press). To be honest, calling it “a gentle, slice-of-life comedy” is enough to catch my interest.

Meet Peter Ahlstrom

June 10, 2008

Among the 39 employees let go by manga publisher Tokyopop during a recent restructuring was Peter Ahlstrom. Peter was kind enough to respond to my interview offer, and after carefully reviewing a non-disclosure agreement, he submitted the following responses to my questions.

What was your title at Tokyopop, and how long did you work there?
Junior Editor, for a bit over a year. Prior to that I was a Copy Editor. I also did a lot of freelance rewriting on the side. In total, I worked at TOKYOPOP for four years.

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