The horror!

June 23, 2008

A new Flipped column is up at The Comics reporter, and it’s devoted to the wonderfully insane Kazuo Umezu.

And hey, it’s already generated reader mail regarding the also wonderfully insane Hideshi Hino:

“A Japanese publisher, DH Publishing, put out a series of Hino’s work called Hino Horror. A total of 16 volumes were announced/advertised, but I’ve only ever been able to confirm the existence of the first 14. Do you happen to know if the last two ever saw print/distribution in the US?”

I’m not sure of the answer. I’ve read several of the installments (Black Cat is my favorite, because kitties + evil = WIN), but my pursuit has been kind of random. Can anyone help?

Digging myself deeper

June 23, 2008

I made a pathetic stab at organizing my “to read” pile over the weekend. It wasn’t terribly productive, but I did notice a gap in my reading, and I was hoping for some suggestions. The shortage I discovered was in the boys’ love/yaoi category.

Anyway, here are some general preferences:

• I’m partial to stories about grown-ups.
• I like stories with proper character development, or some semblance thereof.
• I tend to look more favorably on stories with some lightness to them or a humorous bent.
• Non-consensual sex is pretty much a deal-breaker with me.

Any suggestions?