The horror!

A new Flipped column is up at The Comics reporter, and it’s devoted to the wonderfully insane Kazuo Umezu.

And hey, it’s already generated reader mail regarding the also wonderfully insane Hideshi Hino:

“A Japanese publisher, DH Publishing, put out a series of Hino’s work called Hino Horror. A total of 16 volumes were announced/advertised, but I’ve only ever been able to confirm the existence of the first 14. Do you happen to know if the last two ever saw print/distribution in the US?”

I’m not sure of the answer. I’ve read several of the installments (Black Cat is my favorite, because kitties + evil = WIN), but my pursuit has been kind of random. Can anyone help?

2 Responses to The horror!

  1. The publisher only has 14 volumes listed on their website, which says to me that’s all there was…

  2. Connie says:

    I spent about 6 months contacting just about every retail outlet I could think of around the time they were supposed to come out looking for the last two volumes. I never found them. Also, Jason Thompson mentions in “Manga: The Complete Guide” that there was only ever 14 volumes, and I figure he probably asked ’em, which is something I totally overlooked at the time.

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