Better Eats

Lyle Masaki gives me a reason to believe that my interest in the programming of the Food Network is not entirely dead. It’s about time someone there started talking about sustainable sources, and I’m not surprised that it’s Alton Brown doing it.

I also have to agree with Lyle that The Next Food Network Star is more of a peek behind the curtain than I ever wanted. Why not just show eight weeks of focus groups with target demographics? Over the weekend, my partner and I were wondering what happened to the last next Food Network star:

“Following months of speculation, [Gourmet Next Door Amy] Finley revealed in May 2008 that she had voluntarily turned down the opportunity to return for a second season, citing the stress of the obligations of being a television personality. She currently resides in Burgundy, France with her family.”

Now I’m picturing some kind of failed Food Network star protection and recovery program at a vineyard on the outskirts of Dijon.

One Response to Better Eats

  1. jun says:

    I’ve been watching The Next Food Network Star and, though I tire of seeing people acting pissy, it’s still loads better than the HGTV Design Star, which also airs on Sundays.

    I did recently wonder about Finley as well, and found this interview with her. It seems she paid too much attention to critical bloggers.

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