Meanwhile, elsewhere

I wrote a bit on the Kodansha announcement over at The Comics Reporter, if you aren’t sick of hearing about it yet.

6 Responses to Meanwhile, elsewhere

  1. jun says:

    That’s a very clear summary. 🙂 I’m personally pretty excited about this—since Del Rey is going to be okay, I’m free to squee.

    Which licenses are you most looking forward to? Sailormoon and Hataraki Man top my list.

  2. davidpwelsh says:

    It’s probably wasting my wish, given that it seems like a given, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture.

  3. jakeforbes says:

    Nice round up, David. Thanks for the plug!

  4. davidpwelsh says:

    Thanks, Jake, and no problem!

  5. Huff says:

    From what I’ve seen Kodansha’s english book releases are mainly aimed at niche audiences and seem to be on the high-end of production values. It would be very refreshing if the big K adopted this aproach to manga and didn’t just try to flood the market with every Shonen Magazine title in existance (especially since those have never done as well as their Jump/Sunday counterparts). Re-releasing Akira (if true) is an awesome start. The big question is will the company be able to get its product on bookstore shelves like Del Rey and Viz have?

  6. davidpwelsh says:

    Huff, I think Chris Butcher mentioned that Random House will be handling distribution for them, so that should get them pretty well settled.

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