Monday manga mayhem

Two of what are apparently my pet themes for this iteration of Flipped come up in the latest installment: publisher woes, and Eisner nominations. It also confirmed my theory that no depressing thought can survive in the wake of a re-reading of manga by Kiyohiko Azuma.


Just because everyone else has pointed to it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t: Chris Butcher on the shape of the manga industry, part one and part two.


Would you like your Anime Expo round-up annotated or exhaustive? You can’t really go wrong either way.


I can’t really go with a “manga invades Paris” tag, because that happened a while ago, but many of the conquering forces visited their territory over the weekend and received fabulous prizes. Money quote from the former link:

“One in two French children are thought to have read at least one manga comic, and an entire French generation was reared on a diet of Japanese animated television cartoons.”

I swear that reads just like those articles on a child’s chance of catching a venereal disease before their freshman year in high school.


John Jakala prepares for the new regime:

“I for one openly welcome our new manga overlords and thank them in advance for all the wonderful entertainment they will be bringing us.”

He neglected to mention the robotic, page-turning kittens that Kodansha will deliver to each customer who gets all the giant eyes punched on their frequent buyer cards.

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  1. John Jakala says:

    I love the picture of Obata at the Actua BD link.

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