Upcoming 7/30/2008

Hey, why didn’t anyone tell me it was Weird Manga Week? At least that’s what it seems like after a quick glance at tomorrow’s ComicList.

Fortunately, this week’s Flipped at The Comics Reporter looks at the strangeness that is Akira Hiramoto’s Me and the Devil Blues (Del Rey). Weird enough for any week, you say? But wait! There’s more!

Del Rey also delivers the fourth volume of Hitoshi Iwaaki’s Parasyte, for that tried-and-true, old-school manga weirdness.

And you can pretty much guess that anything released by Last Gasp is going to be at least a little bit unusual, and it will probably also be pretty great. At least that’s my theory about Yusaku Hanakuma’s Tokyo Zombies. And the title is apparently entirely accurate. And Ryan Sands, of Same Hat! Same Hat! fame translated it, and his credentials in the area of weird manga are absolutely impeccable.

2 Responses to Upcoming 7/30/2008

  1. Huff says:

    This is definitely a good week in spite the lack of Viz or Dark Horse. It’s been a while since I read Devil Blues so I’m looking forward to some good old PCP-flavored pulp folklore. Even before the craziness got going I found that the manga handled RJ’s insecurity and longing for meaning quite well. The second volume should blow this one out of the water.
    And Tokyo Zombie is incredible. I suspect a lot of people will dislike it for the absurdly grotesque humor or the artwork (most of the humor relies on how bad it is) but I can’t remember the last time I read a manga that funny. It even features the most intelligent depiction of martial arts since Vagabond (for the four of us who care about that kind of thing).

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