There’s something about her

I’m not saying I would ever, ever vote for her under any circumstances, but I have to admit that I kind of love Sarah Palin. And I kind of love her in exactly the same way I love emotionally unbalanced soap opera characters that scheme their way through every station on the soap-opera cross twice, maybe three times, and still end up pillars of their fictional communities. They steal, kill, kidnap, covet, wreck marriages, switch babies, plot corporate takeovers, and drug the punch at the annual Founders Day Festival with hallucinogenic aphrodisiacs, and still get elected Woman of the Year by the very people they’ve dedicated their adult lives to recklessly screwing.

Now, I’m not saying that anything Palin has done in her bizarre public life reaches that level, but her resume is absolutely packed with eyebrow-raising moments. And while somewhere, Holly Hunter is probably composing her Emmy acceptance speech for the inevitable HBO original movie that will be based on Palin’s life, if there were any justice, Palin would be transplanted wholesale into Pine Valley or Lllanview, and she would be played by Robin Mattson.

3 Responses to There’s something about her

  1. Lyle says:

    Robin Mattson? That is love. I have to agree, though, that’s a perfect assessment, I’ve been thinking someone similar, though having trouble coming up with the right soap villainess to serve as the template.

    Wait, OMG, her brother-in-law was on that horrible bachelorettes-in-Alaska show. This just gets weirder and weirder.

  2. gynocrat says:

    and she would be played by Robin Mattson.

    Good call. ^_^d

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