Upcoming 9/24/2008

So the big question posed by this week’s ComicList is, “Will there be another ‘Category 5 S**tstorm’ over this year’s Best American Comics collection from Houghton Mifflin?” It’s hard to say, though I find it difficult to believe that most people didn’t get that sort of thing out of their systems last year. And 2008 editor Lynda Barry and series editors Jessica Abel and Matt Madden did at least try to include a Batman comic in the mix, even if DC couldn’t accommodate them.

But why dwell? It’s an interesting week otherwise, with Del Rey launching the intriguing-sounding Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, from CAPCOM.

I enjoyed the first volume of Takako Shigematsu’s Ultimate Venus (Go! Comi), maybe not quite as much as Shigematsu’s Tenshi Ja Nai!!, but that set a pretty high bar for nasty shôjo comedy. Still, I’m looking forward to the second installment.

And while I’m hopelessly behind on any kind of reading, it’s hard to imagine a world where one couldn’t safely recommend manga by Osamu Tezuka. Vertical once again obliges the audience for such comics with the first volume of Black Jack, featuring hyperactive medical madness. (I will admit to wishing I could see what Chip Kidd would have done with the cover design, but it’s also hard to imagine a book that wouldn’t look better if Kidd designed it.)

4 Responses to Upcoming 9/24/2008

  1. Dave White says:

    Phoneix Wright manga? I’m so there. The video game is eight types of pure crazy, I can’t imagine the manga is any different.

  2. anonymous says:

    What was the s**tstorm over last year’s edition of Best American Comics about?

  3. thirstygirl says:

    I’m excited about Ultimate Venus and Chocolat– good to see Yen Press are *finally* starting to release the various Ice Kunion titles they hold. Not much this week but that’s a relief because last week had Skip Beat 14, Sand Chronicles 3, Nana 12, and Bleach 24 turning up on our shelves at once so I’m a bit poor.

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