Upcoming 10/1/2008

October 1, 2008

A theme has emerged: this seems to be “Legitimately Charming Whimsy Day.”

First of all, there’s the return of Pushing Daisies tonight at 8 p.m. Plot about people who can talk to dead people? Check. Awesome Broadway divas in the cast? Check. Fabulous, witty scripts that still manage to create genuine sentiment? Check.

(For counterpoint, the 9 p.m. hour offers “Colossally Irritating Whimsy Day” in the form of Kenley on Project Runway. I first few garments seemed cute to me, but now they’re just obstinately redundant, and her attitude is as off-putting as her bangs. I fervently hope she gets aufed.)

On the comics front, Drawn & Quarterly shows everyone how whimsy should be done with two new arrivals.

First up is the third volume of Tove Jansson’s Moomin strips, which are international treasures. It’s just that simple.

Second is the follow-up to Aya, Aya of Yop City, by Marguerite Abouet and Clément Oubrerie. It picks up with the lives of Abouet’s endearing cast of young people from the Ivory Coast of the 1970s, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

I can’t even bring myself to pay too much attention to the rest of the list. There are already two books that I’ll happily buy in hard cover, and that seems like bounty enough for one week.