Recon recon

October 8, 2008

Since I’m too lazy to develop interesting content of my own, I’ll point you towards two really solid pieces over at the recently renovated Manga Recon:

First up is a round-table on MR contributors’ favorite CMX titles. (Note to self: try once again to convince people that Monster Collection: The Girl Who Can Deal With Magical Monsters is, in spite of its dubious provenance and cumbersome title, surprisingly awesome. Also: poach idea for future blog post or column.)

Second is a report on Yaoi-Con 2008 from Isaac Hale, “a real living and breathing gay male.” It’s well worth reading:

“There were definitely some nice aspects of the Con: I wasn’t assumed to be heterosexual (as I am everywhere else) and I was definitely welcomed by all the panelists and industry staff with great warmth. Furthermore, it was just relaxing to be in a place where male x male romance was desirable as opposed to being stigmatized. Generally though, that’s where my warm fuzzies ended.”

I’m sure he’ll get crap for it from people who think Yaoi Con is just fine the way it is, “Bishonen Spanking Inferno” and all, but I’m grateful for his frankness and perspective.