Last-minute shopping

October 13, 2008

I’m never going to catch up with anything, obviously, and we’ve already passed the published deadline for Previews orders through Diamond, but if your shop allows any flexibility in this sort of thing, I wanted to point to two items that are well worth your consideration:

The Quest for the Missing Girl by Jiro Taniguchi (Fanfare/Ponent Mon): If you’ve never treated yourself to any of Taniguchi’s work, you’re being needlessly stingy. The Walking Man (also from Fanfare) is always hovering near the top of my re-read list, and Benkei in New York (written by Jinpachi Mori, published by Viz, and apparently out of print) is good, pulpy fun and a fine precursor to The Quest.

Details aren’t available at Viz’s site yet, but they’ve solicited the first volume of Oishinbo, a cooking manga from Kariya Tetsu and Hanasaki Akira. Ed Chavez, of MangaCast and Otaku USA fame, is very exited, as all sensible people should be.