Angoulême selections

Awards season plows forward as the legendary Angoulême Comics Festival announces its official selections, including some comics from Japan and one from China:

  • La Force des Humbles,” by Hiroshi Hirata, published by Delcourt
  • “Les Gouttes de Dieu,” by Tadashi Agi and Shu Okimoto, published by Glénat (and yes, it’s that wine manga)
  • “La Pluie du Paradis,” by Yu Lu, published by Casterman
  • “Undercurrent,” by Tetsuya Toyoda, published by Kana
  • “Le Voleur de Visages,” by Junji Ito, published by Tonkam
  • (Via Dirk Deppey.)

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    1. JennyN says:

      I’ve read the Hirata title. The managaka is of the old uncompromising Japanese school – make that old uncompromising *masculine* Japanese school – and since furthermore he really does try to make his characters think, speak and act as the Japanese of two or three hundred years ago may have done some of the stories (it’s a short-story collection) can be pretty startling for the unsuspecting liberal gaijin. But the artwork is truly stunning – particularly when, as here, the publisher includes all the pages printed in colour – and, as always, Delcourt have provided copious intertextual notes and two short final essays, including one by Hirata himself.

      It’s also Delcourt, btw, who are putting out the fabulously beautiful stories of Natsuki Sumeragi – artwork based on Chinese ink-painting style, ghost or fantasy stories set in ancient China or Japan, more realistic ones which take place in the rapidly-changing society of Peking in the 1920s… Fingers crossed that a US publisher picks them up: they’d be a wonderful transition for shoujo readers from teenage-girl titles to more adult themes! – JennyN

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