Sad news

This news makes me very sad. I’ve always liked Hillerman’s novels, solid mysteries set in one of my favorite parts of the world (the Southwest), and I think the Times does a good job summarizing his appeal and impact:

“Mr. Hillerman’s evocative novels, which describe people struggling to maintain ancient traditions in the modern world, touched millions of readers, who made them best sellers. But although the themes of his books were not overtly political, he wrote with a purpose, he often said, and that purpose was to instill in his readers a respect for Indian culture. The plots of his stories, while steeped in contemporary crime and its consequences, were invariably instructive about ancient tribal beliefs and customs, from purification rituals for a soldier returned from a foreign war to incest taboos for a proper clan marriage.”

2 Responses to Sad news

  1. I’m with you on this one, David–Hillerman was one of the few mystery writers I read religiously, and I’m saddened to learn that there won’t be any more stories about Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn.

  2. davidpwelsh says:

    Another element I’m really going to miss is the very mature, refreshing relationship Leaphorn had with Louisa Bourbonette. It was so nice to see two grown-ups balance companionship and affection with respect for the other person’s boundaries.


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