Uppers and downers

I just have a few election-related things to get off of my chest before I return to the much more important field of comics.

First, I’m thrilled that I can type “President Elect Obama.” I’m thrilled by the scenes of international delight and celebration after eight years of criticism and anxiety, which I shared completely. I hope the Democrat leadership in the legislature takes the opportunity to be gracious and bipartisan, because it’s just time. Because that’s the equivalent of separately burying the head of Rove-style political divisiveness now that a stake has been driven through its cold, shriveled heart.

Second, I’m depressed by the apparent success of gay-marriage bans in California, Florida and Arizona. I hope the couples that missed the very tiny window of equality sue everyone they reasonably can, and I’ll happily donate to whatever legal support organization will help them. (Edited this to reflect Lori Henderson’s note that the measure isn’t retroactive.)

But I’m even more depressed by the passage of the adoption ban in Arkansas, designed to prevent gay couples from adopting or fostering a child but also excluding heterosexual couples who, for whatever reason, decided not to marry. (I can’t quite tell if it excludes single people from adopting or fostering.) The only outcome I can see from this is that it will become that much harder to place kids in loving homes. (Speaking of adoption, I was happy to see a clip where the Obamas said they would be selecting a rescue dog as payoff puppy for their kids. Many purebred dogs are adorable, but I really want to see a First Mutt in the White House.)

And I remember being barely out of the closet in any meaningful way and being horrified that the citizens of Colorado had successfully passed a horrible piece of anti-gay legislation, Amendment 2. It was subsequently overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, and now the citizens Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District has elected a gay man to represent them.

3 Responses to Uppers and downers

  1. Let me apologize for the stupidity that is the California voter. Prop 8 was going fine until at the last minute, the Yes on 8 crowd started running ludicrously stupid commercials about how gay marriage would be taught in schools because of Prop 8 and a yes vote would “protect the children”, and the ignorant voter swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. I saw one of these bald faced lying commercials. I wouldn’t watch it again. The Prop isn’t retroactive though, so everyone that got married in the last 4 months are safe, and at least 3 lawsuits have been filed. Hopefully, this wrong will be righted.

  2. James Moar says:

    Even with these reverses, maybe you can take heart in how far up the agenda gay marriage has moved in a relatively short span of time — compare just a decade ago to now.

  3. Lbrevis says:

    I’ve been very disheartened about Prop 8 for weeks because where I live – San Diego’s North County area – I saw tons of people supporting it. It was especially depressing to drive by entire families out there smiling and waving at passing cars; I hate to think how these kids are being taught that it’s not okay to be gay. Then there was that rally in downtown San Diego where something like 20,000 people gathered to pray for yes on 8 (if you want to be amused or scared out of your mind look up The Call San Diego on Youtube).

    Still, it is somewhat heartening that the percentage by which Prop 8 passed has shrunk a little compared to the last time it was up for vote in CA. I remain hopeful that by the time I’m old and gray bans on gay marriage will be a thing of the past.

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